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The beauty of the United States will do harm to others

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Note: Although China and the United States have carried out several rounds of consultations on economic and trade issues in an
 Although China and the United States have carried out several rounds of consultations on economic and trade issues in an attempt to resolve differences and achieve a win-win situation, in June 15th local time, the White House persisted in disregarding the consensus already formed by the two sides and insisted on throwing out a 50 billion dollar tax list and provoking the trade war between the two largest economies of the world, both damaging bilateral interests and destroying the world. China has expressed its strong opposition to the trade order for the first time.
International public opinion is shocked by the "short-lived" behaviour of the US side. Since the provoking of trade disputes, America's inconstancy has become a "normal", not only wasting and profligating its own national reputation, but also making China clear the face of the unreasonably and selfishness of the Trump administration. China has long ago made a statement. China does not want to fight trade war, but it must not be afraid of trade war. As for the seemingly unexpected actions of the United States, China is ready to respond to the trade war that is imposed on us. On the one hand, tax measures of equal size and equal strength are already on the way to the US side, on the other hand, the date of the landing of the US tax list is negotiated by both sides. When all the economic and trade achievements have gone to the East.
There is no winner in trade war. The action of American trade war is very destructive to all world free trade, economic globalization, multilateral trading system and global industrial chain, and the whole world will be buried in the wrong way of unilateralism in the United States. As the number one developed country, the United States should become a common defender of the multilateral trading system, so that we can all benefit from economic development and globalization. However, the "American priority" is becoming an American independent. The Trump administration's incoherence has played an infamous role in the global economic mess. In the near future, the United States waving the great stick of trade war and randomly hitting other countries, EU, Canada and Mexico have become the victims of trade protectionism, which fully exposes the Trump administration's lack of globalization and opposition to trade liberalization. In the eyes of the United States, the rules of international trade are gorgeous clothes, worn and worn when needed, and stripped naked when they are not needed. The United States can be wanton, but the world economy and international trade can not be repeated, and China must work with all countries to fight against this irresponsible act, and to give the belligerent a color and let the good people accept the lesson.
It is good to count the benefits of the world. Trade is a multilateral and bilateral act to enhance the interests of all parties. History has repeatedly proved that trade wars, in order to solve the problems of trade imbalances, are an outdated, backward and inefficient act, which is not only damaging to the economy, more degrading, and inversing the world, but not in conformity with the global interests. The multilateral trading system is the right way to resolve trade imbalances, and the destruction of the multilateral trading system will only turn the countries back to the old game model of self fighting and beggar beggar. The trade war farce launched by the United States has pushed the multilateral trade order to a dangerous cliff. only if the people of all over the world resist and cooperate with each other, it is possible to set the course of the world economic development, let the wheel of economic globalization roll forward, and crush any attempts and fantasies of trade protectionism.
It is the Chinese people's understanding from ancient times that "taking the land for the Qin Dynasty and fighting for the fire". In the face of the flagrant attack by the powerful, China has not chosen to retreat from the beginning, but rather Tat and strive to defend the interests of the country and the people, and firmly defend the economic globalization and the multilateral trading system. The war makers can stop fighting, and the provocation of trade wars does not feel that pain will not stop irrational behavior. We should pay a price to deal with the trade war, but in the future, it is a good international environment for maintaining peace and development, maintaining a great situation that has been formed in the 40 years of reform and opening up. Development opportunities.
From the day of resolute choice of reform and opening up, China is determined to fight against wind and rain in the sea of the world economy, and is also accustomed to the surging waves on the way ahead. The U. S. trade protectionism stick can not stop the steady development trend of China's economic stability, and the change will not change the established direction of China's great step forward reform and opening up. As a responsible big country, China is a positive participant in the multilateral trading system, a strong supporter and an important contributor. To deal with the external challenges of trade protectionism, the most fundamental thing is to be honest and handle our own affairs and turn pressure into motive force. I believe that after the wind and rain, China's economy will become more healthy and strong, and release more lasting development charm.
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