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Xcu high end milling machines exported to Central Asia

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Note: Recently, Xugong milling machine has won 44 large orders in one fell swoop, and exported to Central Asia on a large scal
 Recently, Xugong milling machine has won 44 large orders in one fell swoop, and exported to Central Asia on a large scale with a strong reliability and advanced technology.
Open the history of the development of the Chinese milling machine industry, the XCP planer has always taken on the responsibility of the head soldiers. It has brought up the big flag of the rise of the national milling and planing industry, and has stepped out of the forging road of "great power".
Deep inside, carrying a national banner on the shoulder
At the beginning of 20, Xugong ingenuity, continuous technological evolution and innovation surpass, Xugong has shouldered the big flag of the development of domestic milling machine. It has become the leader in the field of milling machine, and has won the trust and recognition of many domestic and foreign customers.
From 1999, through the combination of independent research and technology and technology introduction, the development prelude of the domestic milling machine is opened by the Xugong milling machine. By now, the XCP milling machine has formed the most comprehensive model combination of 0.35 meters to 2 meters, and creates a customized solution for the customers to ensure that the machine can also make full use of the machine under the complex conditions. Good milling performance.
It is a long way to take a long way to take the lead in technology and not to destroy it
As the earliest enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of milling machine in China, the Xugong Road Machinery Department, relying on the national technology center of Xugong, the Research Institute of Xuzhou engineering machinery in Jiangsu, the research and development center of molecular company and the three level technological innovation system of the base, has improved the performance of the product continuously after continuous technical improvement. The production base of the international modernized milling machine, which integrates automation, integration and intelligence, straddles two major factories, covering an area of 320 mu (about 213 thousand and 100 square meters), with a total building area of 110 thousand square meters.
The most advanced numerical control intelligent equipment group of the industry, the highest automation welding robot cluster, the efficient automation processing technology, the environmental powder spraying process line, the advanced international milling machine lean assembly line and the milling drum welding platform are the six major manufacturing advantages, which undertakes the solemn promise of the Lean quality.
Close to the customer, the whole body service will be upgraded
Xugong milling machine is a world class, international vision, deeply practice the "whole-body" service brand commitment, set up 800 outlets in the world, more than 100 professional service personnel, 24 hours at any time waiting; relying on Xugong CRM information management platform of 400 customer service heart, fast response within 15 minutes, provincial level above In the main areas, people arrived at the same time for 2 hours, and the general failure was completed in 24 hours.
At the same time, the XCP milling machine has formed a mature value-added service system and scheme, from the support of the construction technology, to the training and supply of the machine hand, from the equipment lease to the whole machine maintenance service, as well as the replacement of the vehicle in the maintenance period and the repurchase of the whole machine, so as to provide the full - square value-added service for the customers.
The road is far, and the big one is on the shoulder. Xugong milling machine, as an important pillar product of Xugong set up maintenance machinery products, will always adhere to the industrial dream of national brand to the world. Persevering, satisfying the customers' excess demand, focusing on professional and continuous social progress, will continue to sprint to the top target of Mount Everest, truly forge "technology leading, no destruction" product brand and world - class enterprise with global competitiveness, and make "two one hundred year" goal for the country The new and greater contribution.
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