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Liquidity pressure is relieved

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2018-06-12  Browse number:22
Note: This month's point of view 1. the international oil price center has been obviously moved up, oil and gas mining and coa
 This month's point of view 1. the international oil price center has been obviously moved up, oil and gas mining and coal chemical machinery and equipment plate still suggest that priority attention should be given at the present stage, but the recent oil price has been repeated, and the related stocks have accumulated more profit plates and pay attention to the corresponding risk in the short term. After the full adjustment of the plate, relevant leading stocks still deserve constant and active attention.
2. advanced manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet are the hot spots of the mechanical plate in the second half of 2018. The strategic advanced manufacturing industry (lithium and semiconductors), intelligent manufacturing (core components, ontology, industry integrated applications and industrial Internet plates) should be properly configured in the state's key layout. Semiconductor device sector adjustment is still in the process, but we think it has entered the bottom of the short term, it is recommended to start paying attention.
It is suggested that hang oxygen shares (002430), Jerry shares (002353), Shin Lai (300260), crystal Sein Mechatronics (300316), pure technology (603690), Aiston (002747), Sany (600031), Xugong machinery (000425), Hengli hydraulic (601100), Japanese machine seal (300470), cold chain (603339) and cryogenic shares (300540).
Market performance this month, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.43%, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose 1.21%, the SME board rose 0.10%, the GEM board fell 3.29%, and the card 1000 dropped 3.10%. The machinery and equipment industry index fell 4.32%, the industry rose 20/28 in the month, and the plate lost 4.75 percentage points of the Shanghai Composite Index.
This month, the machinery and equipment plate, the first five of the month's rise in the Dawson shares, deep cold shares, Shen branch shares, Ecovacs and Sega technology, respectively, 76.47%, 68.39%, 33.52%, 33.09% and 30.78%. The first five shares were the *ST Tianma, the south wind stock, the Taiwan Strait nuclear power, the *ST Hui industry and Jizi, respectively, and the losses were 51.12%, 50.97%, 36.52%, 34.31% and 30.27% respectively.
Industry dynamics 1. Anhui provincial government announced the "2018 provincial major prophase work project promotion plan", involving 100 projects, the total investment amount reached 516 billion 226 million yuan; 2. according to the National Statistics Bureau data, the first quarter of 2018, the production of the main products of China's construction machinery industry maintained a overall growth trend, the cement special equipment dropped slightly; 3. The national development and Reform Commission approved the "intercity railway network planning for the east of the Straits West Bank city group", which was reported by Guangdong province. 4. an Sichuan Dulin robot application equipment Co., Ltd. held a grand new factory unveiling ceremony in Xianghe robot Town, and was formally put into operation.
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