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Southwest gas production two plant: big political work to promote great development

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Note: From the land to the sea, from innovation to innovation, from leaping to top-ranking is the development concept of the t
 "From the land to the sea, from innovation to innovation, from leaping to top-ranking" is the development concept of the two factories of the gas company. Since the eighteen Party of the party, the Party committee of the two factory in mining industry has conscientiously implemented the work of the Party committee, closely combining the development and construction of the Guangyuan gas field, and innovating the "three heart" model of "focusing on the core party building, integrating the party building to promote the Party building, and condensing the strong Party construction", and with the new production, new benefits and technological innovation "three new" Frequency resonance, strive for the pioneer team of Southwest highland construction.
Facing the new era and new mission, the two factory will continue to improve the work system of Party building, focus on the central work, highlight the "three basic" and the enterprise culture two main lines, focus on building the ideological propaganda of the six in one, the Party committee and the political work of the party branch two level political work, the two level synchronization inspection and supervision of the large political structure network, to build the Party committee. The political core, the fighting fort of the Party branch, the brand of the party members and the improvement of the people's livelihood are the four major projects to achieve the six major support of oil and gas production, development technology, safety and environmental protection, benchmarking, talent base and pioneer team to make new contributions to the construction of a hundred billion gas fields.
Building a party building work entity with the pattern of big political work
Strengthen the human support of the big political structure. In the management of the cadres of the two gas production plant, the cadre management of the cadres should be carried out to realize the intersecting and Cross Office of the cadres of the science level, to match the deputy secretaries of the strong Party branches and to establish a synchronous inspection team. In the construction, the five long mechanism of "stationmaster, the leader of the Party group, the small group leader of the trade union, the leader of the Youth League group and the safety group leader" was popularized in an all-round way, which made the work of government work to the grass-roots group.
We should strengthen the responsibility of the party's consciousness of the party's consciousness of the big political structure. The two factory of mining gas will strengthen the building of the party management consciousness platform. On the media, the six - in - one platform of the magazine, mobile phone newspaper, propaganda column, LED display screen, website and WeChat micro-blog is formed to realize the timely and effective news and situation education. In education, the study of the Party committee central group and the Party branch "three meetings and one lesson" is normal. On Monday, the "red leaf" micro party lesson and the Wednesday amateur Party School (night school) become the usual practice, and form the mode of Party committee members to contact the branch and the member of the branch to carry out the party class learning and the situation education.
The party building management system of the big political structure is formed. The two factories of gas production form a smooth management system between the Party committee and the Party branch, the party and group management departments and the grass-roots units. The two grade fortress strictly implements the party construction responsibility, the factory Party committee implements the fixed-point contact system, and works on the responsibility of the Party branch branch committee, and implements the specific work through the organization influence to the group. In the management, the responsibilities of the party construction work are refined into the Party group, the organization and personnel, the party and the government, the discipline inspection department, and constantly improve the details of the party construction work, to ensure the compliance of the work according to law, and to innovate as a factory and serve the people.
Integration into the center to ensure the work of the party building with the times
Build into the center work platform. The two gas extraction plant has been carrying out the spring management level enhancement and the autumn labor competition activities for five consecutive years to create a work platform integrating into the center. The theme activities carry forward the spirit of the model, carry out the culture of "heart qi", carry out the great discussion of "turn courage and create", let the situation education have a platform, promote the standardization, standardization, institutionalization and information "four modernizations" of the station, and improve the management of the platform; all members participate in "I make a diagnosis for safety", "to declare war to the low old and bad", Give full play to the function of safety and environmental protection supervision station, let safety upgrade have a platform; through site inspection and maintenance, field station technology transformation work, in 2017, scientific production to achieve 3 billion 400 million production capacity, so that the production efficiency has a platform.
Responsibility is implemented to ensure that the work is in place. The Party committee of the plant conscientiously implements the spirit of the party building work conference of the state owned enterprises and group companies, so that the party building work can really be rooted in the grass roots. Let the Party group be built on the central station to achieve "station and station Party members, station stations with members, technicians, and station technicians", the party management consciousness, fusion in production; create "Changxin" party vanguard and "deep blue" youth commando team two flags, Party construction with the construction of the pioneer, the pioneer in place, two factories in accordance with the back-up At the stage of the Department, the training target is inspected, the technical, practical and skilled personnel are trained by the ladder, and the outsourcing business is gradually mastered, so that the team construction will keep up with the development situation and make the development thinking in place.
The construction of enterprise culture realizes the cohesion of the team. The two factory of mining Qi has realized the essence of "heart qi" culture, carefully builds the "red leaf" culture, enriches the five red connotations of "red leaf", and forms a red leaf cultural system with "red heart gathering red clothes, red flag red flag, red blessing strong heart and pioneer first class", and refine the work of Party construction, production and management, safety and environmental protection to "five red" Through cultural practice, the members of the Guangyuan gas field will become an organic whole under the guidance of culture.
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