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Twenty years of winning together, the legend of Ginny will continue.

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Note: Ginny insists on its persistence and understanding of the industry.In the Chinese market, there is a legend about height
 Ginny insists on its persistence and understanding of the industry.
In the Chinese market, there is a legend about height and safety.
In 1998, China's aerial work market is still scaffolding. It has been heavily dependent on scaffolding in the fields of cleaning and equipment installation, fire prevention assembly, three-dimensional construction, decoration and decoration, and facade structure enclosure. People seem to have been accustomed to many ills such as safety accidents, low construction efficiency and low economic benefits. A scaffolding with a minimum of 4 people, for the time to enjoy the demographic dividend in the Chinese market, how much lower than the cost of aerial equipment.
"At that time, almost no one believed in China, and even did not think that the aerial work platform would make a great difference." Speaking of entering the Chinese market, the first generation of Gini people said so. Today, their working years in Gini have increased over 150 years, but the "century team" still maintained the original passion and fighting spirit.
In this way, Gini came in. In 1998, Gini set up an office in Shanghai, China, and settled in China to officially embrace the Chinese market. Zhu Ximing, the chief business manager of the Great China District Department of terrace high altitude operation platform, is the first batch of staff to enter Gini, and is also a witness to the twenty year China road. He recalled:
"Early in the early 1980s, Gini moved the mobile lift platform from Hongkong to mainland China. At the time, there were few users in the high altitude operating equipment, and the equipment sold to the market was more than a dozen, but now the day's shipments are equivalent to one year's sales. Looking back on the past 20 years, Gini's progress can be said to grow with customers through every stage of Gini's development in China.
In 2000, the first official "electric shock" of Gini and the Chinese market was built in the dock construction of Beihai shipyard in China. After that, the change is all over the earth. The aerial work platform is a new and safe and efficient way of operation, so that the Chinese shipbuilding industry will be refreshing with scaffolding operations. Subsequently, the shipbuilders purchased over 100 sets of Gini products. The shipbuilding industry has also become a stepping stone to Gini's opening of China's door.
In 20 years, the layout of the sales network and the rise of the Changzhou factory have witnessed the growth of Gini in China; the 20 years of hard work and a string of numbers are the eternal trajectories engraved by Geni in the development of China's high altitude operations.
From the original Shanghai office several employees, to today's Changzhou factory localization development, more than 600 employees, for the "Youth" of Gini, China has become the key to its success in the emerging market.
"once the Chinese market for Gini, it is a child that needs to be cultivated patiently and slowly; the future Chinese market, the rapid development of the leasing industry, the high altitude operation market has finally bloomed under the cultivation of the nearly 20 years, and the golden age is coming. Always adhering to the "customer - centered" business philosophy, Gini persists in providing customers with reliable products, first-class services and a full range of solutions to maximize the rate of return on the investment of customers. If we don't forget our hearts and cooperate with each other, we will go forward with our customers firmly. "
Zhu Ximing is confident of Ginny's future in the Chinese market.
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