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France hopes to increase foreign investment attractiveness through Britain.

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Note: Economic daily, China economic network Paris news (reporter Li Hongtao) recently, according to the annual survey publish
Economic daily, China economic network Paris news (reporter Li Hongtao) recently, according to the annual survey published by EY (EY), according to the annual survey published by the firm (EY) shows that in the favorable environment for economic recovery and reform, the attraction of France to international investors in 2017 has continued to improve, and Paris was first named "the most attractive city in Europe." "."
According to the market barometer issued by the company, 1019 cases of international investors, such as investment, location and expansion in France, have reached 31% in 2017. "The number of foreign investment attracted by France in 2017 has increased significantly and has gradually shortened the gap with the UK and Germany," said Mark Lhermitte, head of the annual survey of the office of the firm. Lhermitte believes that France's increase in attraction to foreign investment is mainly due to the following reasons: first, after coming to power, Ma Kelong has rapidly expanded the structural reform process in the economic field, and the investment environment and national image of France have been significantly improved. At the same time, the European economic recovery has also enlarged the policy effect of the government reform, so that France has a good external economic environment. Secondly, in the past five years, the effect of the former French government in the field of reform has been showing, laying a solid foundation for the series of reforms of the present government, and having accumulated rich experience in the competition with Britain and Germany, and the "chase effect" is becoming increasingly apparent. In the end, with the gradual expansion of the UK de Europe process, France is benefiting more and more, especially to enhance preferential support to high-tech and start-ups, and actively attract British outflow investment. Although Britain's investment in attracting foreign investment is still the first in Europe in 2017, many digital projects have been stranded and international investors have taken France as a substitute, according to the report released by Ernst and young. At the same time, in the field of attracting foreign investment in France, industry still occupies an important proportion, attracting a total of 323 investment plans, an increase of 52% over 2016. The investment projects in the decision-making center in France have also increased by 43%, and the layout of foreign investment industry is more optimized.
After he came to power, it will eventually increase the economic competitiveness of France and the attraction of the domestic market as an important field for ramming the basis of the economic recovery, and announced on several occasions: "France has come back." In a recent visit to the French headquarters of Cisco (Cisco), French economy minister Lemerre pointed out that the increasing attraction of France was the most specific performance of the "French return" and attributed the achievement to President Ma's enhanced attraction strategy. Lemerre said: "the government will do its best to enhance the vitality of France and continue to attract investment". In the face of the current favorable situation of attracting capital in France, French economists believe that in the future, France's attraction to international investors will be mainly reflected in three aspects: first, with the improvement of the internal status of the law in Europe and the improvement of domestic tax and investment policy environment, the attraction of France to European enterprises is increasing. At the same time, influenced by the British influence, many North American companies have also chosen France as their investment destination, hoping to radiate the whole continent. Two, France's advantages in attracting foreign capital in the industrial field are constantly increasing. According to statistics, in 2017, nearly 50% of the foreign investment projects are industrial projects, of which 86% are the expansion projects of the existing industrial networks, and 60% are the balanced investment in the adjustment of the industrial pattern of the legal areas by foreign capital. Three, the pattern of investment industry in France attracting foreign investment has been constantly optimized. According to statistics, in 2017, France attracted 87 large-scale R & D projects and made great progress. The number of R & D projects in France was basically equal to that in Germany. After coming to power, the innovation economy and digital economy are the potential fields of promoting the development of the law economy, and we hope to expand the new economic growth point by this method. The cluster effect of the large international forum, such as "long live science and technology", is becoming more and more obvious, which will make the law more competitive.
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