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It is still necessary for us and Russia to resume sanctions.

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Note: According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on June 12th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said that
 According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on June 12th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said that Moscow would undoubtedly consider and respond after the United States expanded sanctions on Russian individuals and legal persons. Earlier, Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, said 3 Russian citizens and 5 Russian IT companies were included in the sanctions list, resulting in a threat to the security of the United States.
Repeated elusive attitude
On the 8 day, President Donald Trump said that the G-7 should accept Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin also said on the 10 day that he would like to meet Trump as soon as possible if the US side is willing. Russian media said that the Russian President's news secretary, Dmitri percov, confirmed that Putin and Trump recently talked about the possibility of a meeting of two people in Vienna, Austria, Austria.
Today, the United States and Russia have launched a new round of mutual sanctions.
According to the CNN, the U. S. sanctions against Russia are accusing the 5 companies and 3 Russians to use network activities to provide material and technical support to the Russian intelligence department.
In the face of American sanctions, Russia does not retreat. The Russian satellite news agency said Ryabkov said: "we will take measures to pick out the targets of the aggressive anti Russian policy and stick to the normalization of bilateral relations."
According to Tass news agency, Russian President Putin signed the anti sanctions bill recently, which has been approved by the Federal Council. The bill will defend Russia's sovereignty after being subjected to "unfriendly treatment" by the United States and other countries' political and economic sanctions against Russia.
Internal affairs are difficult to deal with
"Trump himself is willing to repair relations with Russia, but the US Russian relationship has now been caught in the domestic political game of the United States. When it comes to relations between the US and Russia, there will be a completely opposite voice in the United States and the different social strata. These are Trump's personal problems. " Gao Fei, a professor at China Foreign Affairs University, analyzed this interview.
In July 25, 2017, the US Congress passed the 2017 action against Iran instability act. Under the background of continuous fermentation of the "Russian gate", the senators of the two parties have increased many sanctions provisions against Russia. Goofy pointed out that after the bill was introduced, the leading power of sanctions against Russia had been transferred to Parliament.
According to the Russian satellite news agency, Ryabkov said that if the United States had previously linked the Russian sanctions against the development of the situation in Crimea and the southeast of Ukraine and the Russian intervention in the 2016 United States election, they now found another excuse to impose sanctions. This shows that the US government is desperate to contain Russia.
Shen Dingli, a professor at the International Institute of international problems, Fudan University, in an interview with this newspaper, the president of the United States welcomed Russia's return to the group of seven countries and the U. S. Treasury Department of sanctions against Russia. If Russia really poses a threat to us security, the US sanctions against Russia are taken for granted.
Relationship repair will take time
"In the short term, it is not optimistic for the two countries to improve relations." Goofy believes that it is difficult to achieve substantive progress in the US Russian relations when the domestic political contradictions in the United States have been further reflected in the relations with Russia.
According to the analysis, the new sanctions against Russia is another concentrated reflection of the United States and Russia's relations with the United States being highly governed by internal affairs under the atmosphere of "Russo Russian". At present, the US decision toward Russia has obviously broken into more checks and balances of Trump, and even that the "parliamentary regime" has begun to revive quietly.
In addition, the long-standing Cold War mentality and the concept of zero sum game in the United States also make it difficult to resolve contradictions. "The United States wants to be the leader of the world, and does not know how to establish a fair and rational world order." Goofy pointed out that the United States has not been able to face up to the development of the surrounding countries.
"Russia has yet to find a path suitable for its own economic development. Russia faces economic and political pressure. Economic structural adjustment has not been noticeable for many years, but has also been constantly interfered by external factors. Goofy said that as a great power, Russia will inevitably take anti sanctions measures to safeguard its dignity.
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