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President Wu signed a bill to set up a national anti-corruption court next year.

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Note: In June 11th, the president of Ukraine, Baltic, signed the No. 7440th act, the law on the establishment of the supreme a
In June 11th, the president of Ukraine, Baltic, signed the No. 7440th act, "the law on the establishment of the supreme anti-corruption court in Ukraine", which was adopted on the two reading of the 7 day of the supreme Rada (parliament) to establish the "national anti-corruption court". Ukraine's official newspaper published on the 13 of the bill, which means that the bill has gone into effect on June 14th. Public opinion, the establishment of national anti-corruption court for Ukraine for further international financial aid paved the way. Deputy director of the office of the president of Ukraine Filatov 13, said the anti-corruption court will officially start work at the beginning of 2019.
Ukraine Council Longandre Palumbi said: "I believe that next year we will witness the first national anti-corruption court case. Please believe me, these are all Ukrainian people are proud of the decision, these decisions will change our country."
Parliament passed
In March 1st, Ukraine's parliament passed a read President Poroshenko submitted on the establishment of "national anti-corruption Court Act No. 7440th. In June 7th two, read the Ukraine parliament passed the bill 7440th, the bill got the support of 315 members on the day of the parliamentary vote. only 4 days later, Poroshenko officially signed the bill, which became law.
According to this act, "national anti-corruption court" will be based on the results of the investigation of Ukraine national anti-corruption bureau, the senior officials involved in corruption trial. In addition to cases involving misuse of financial budgets, abuse of power and influence, bribery, bribery and other cases, the "national anti-corruption court" has the right to hear cases including embezzlement, theft, extortion, private weapons, ammunition, drugs, documents, seal counterfeiting and so on.
In response to the establishment of the national anti-corruption court, President Baltic of Ukraine, in his keynote speech "challenge 2018", said that at the end of February, Parliament had put its proposed draft law on the establishment of the anti-corruption Court on the agenda. It also said that "the parliament is expected to pass the anti-corruption court in the near future." The law". The two reading vote before June 7th, Poroshenko also specifically to parliament passed the bill for.
Improve the anti-corruption mechanism
In the 7 day of the Ukraine parliament, with an absolute majority of 315 votes in favour of the passage of the 7440th act aimed at establishing a "national anti-corruption court", Baltic said, "today we have completed the establishment of anti-corruption facilities, and I want to emphasize the determination of the Ukraine authorities to fight against corruption".
Poroshenko believes that the "national anti-corruption court" will help improve the anti-corruption mechanism of Ukraine, enhance anti-corruption efforts. He instructed the Ukrainian government to ensure the establishment of national anti-corruption court "the amount required by the timely disbursement.
Boluoshenke expected to complete the construction of anti-corruption infrastructure before the presidential election. He said: "to the presidential election there nearly a year. I hope we can complete the construction of anti-corruption infrastructure".
Poroshenko had previously said that if the bill was successfully passed and implemented by parliament, it was hoped that in June, it would begin to set up the work of the anti corruption court. By the end of the year, the "national anti-corruption court" could be set up successfully.
The establishment of "national anti-corruption court" by many domestic support in Ukraine. According to the Ukraine news agency reported on June 4th, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, grosesman, said at a press conference on the same day that it was urgent to establish an anti-corruption court in Ukraine. He even promised: "if the impartial and independent court is not created, I will resign as Prime Minister of Ukraine."
International organizations pay close attention to
It is understood that the establishment of "national anti-corruption court" is one of the main requirements of the International Monetary Fund, the world bank and the European Union to Ukraine to obtain new loans.
According to the Ukraine International Telegraph news agency, the IMF official representative, Jerry Rice, said at a regular press conference in Washington in early March that the IMF insisted that the Ukraine government should pass the law on the anti-corruption court in accordance with its obligations within the EFF framework. . However, the version of the bill did not win the western countries' affirmation on the first reading. The International Monetary Fund, the world bank and the European Union even said that the bill was contrary to the obligations of Ukraine and was not in accordance with the requirements of the Venice Council of the European Council.
According to the results of the consultations between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund, some of the provisions of the 7440th act aimed at establishing the "national anti-corruption court" were amended during the two reading period, including the most controversial rule, that is, the international expert review committee will play a decisive role in the selection of judges.
The amended bill enacted anti-corruption court judge competition procedure. The job applicant will be Ukraine senior judges Qualifications Committee candidates file. In order to evaluate the virtues of the candidates and to help the appointment of the final candidate, the Ukraine high judges Committee on the qualification of judges will be composed of international experts from the public committee within 6 years. Two read period, the number of committee of experts from 7 was reduced to 6.
The analysts believe that after the establishment of the national anti-corruption bureau and the special Procuratorate of anti-corruption, Ukraine has formed a complete vertical anti-corruption system with the functions of investigation, prosecution and trial through the establishment of the "national anti-corruption court". In recent years, the United States and the European Union on anti-corruption issues to Ukraine governmentpressure, set up a "national anti-corruption court" is the International Monetary Fund
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