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Bulgaria will raise the Chinese heat again

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2018-06-16  Browse number:12
Note: With the The Belt and Road to promote the construction of Chinese culture, and China attracted more and more attention i
 With the "The Belt and Road" to promote the construction of Chinese culture, and China attracted more and more attention in Bulgaria, "Chinese fever" is rapidly warming, more and more students choose to study chinese. A few days ago, the Economic Daily reporters visited a private school in Sofia, Bulgaria, where there was a strong sense of Chinese fever.
Eflogi Georgiev school is the first Bulgarian private school to teach Chinese as a first foreign language. Olga Alamova, the principal, said that at the beginning of the establishment of the school, there were only 4 students in the whole school, but only after more than two years, the students who chose to learn Chinese in this school had increased to more than 40. "The Belt and Road" to "Chinese fever" accelerated in Bulgaria, the number of Chinese students want to learn every year have increased significantly. To this end, the school plans to expand enrollment again, which is expected to reach over 100.
At present, the weekly hours of teaching Chinese and Chinese culture are 10 hours in primary school and 18 hours in secondary schools. The development goal of the school is to carry out Chinese and Chinese culture teaching for a long time. It will set up relevant training courses in Chinese examination level, as well as the follow-up study training program for students in China in the future.
In fact, this private school is only a microcosm of Bulgarian Chinese fever. According to the data of the Bulgarian Department of education, more than 20 primary and secondary schools in Bulgaria have opened Chinese courses, and nearly 800 students in primary and secondary schools are learning Chinese, of which the first Chinese Bulgarian Sofia eighteenth middle school, the first Chinese language course, has been taught Chinese for more than 20 years.
Behind the craze of Chinese language is the rapid development of China's economy and the gradual improvement of its comprehensive national strength. The Bulgarian students choose to study Chinese, is optimistic about the development of economy and the Chinese "The Belt and Road construction prospects. As president Iara Mo Va said, China's development will provide more opportunities and opportunities for these students to learn Chinese. (Tian Xiaojun, a reporter for the economic daily in Sophia)
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