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Japanese media said the stock market crashed sharply Andouble: or directly led to a decline in the s

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Note: Japanese media said that due to the sharp fall in the US stock market and the continued appreciation of the Japanese yen
 Japanese media said that due to the sharp fall in the US stock market and the continued appreciation of the Japanese yen against the US dollar, the Japanese government and the ruling party began to fill a tense atmosphere in the morning of February 6th. If the depreciation of Japanese yen and the rising trend of stock prices continue to support the "Andouble economics", the foundation of the regime will also be shaken. For the Andouble regime, which advocates economic priority, the emergence of crisis management at the economic level has become the top priority.
"What will happen in the future?" the report of the Japanese economic news website, published on February 7th, "what will happen in the future?", at 7:20 a.m. on February 6th, the prime minister's office at the prime minister's official residence, asked the prime minister's secretaries to wait for the market.
The report said that Japanese finance Taro Aso said at a press conference after the morning cabinet meeting that "not business performance has not improved", pointing out that the trend in the stock market does not necessarily reflect the real economy.
The report said the yen began to appreciate in late January. The reason is that US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said in January 24th that "the weaker dollar is in the interests of the United States". However, the Ministry of finance of Japan maintained its silence on the issue of exchange rate because of its consideration of the US monetary policy.
Reports said, but on the 6 morning, the impact of the U.S. market trends, the yen rose to 1 US dollars to 109 - 109.4 yen range, and then usually rarely mentioned the exchange rate movement of the Japanese Chief Cabinet Minister Kan Wei took action. At a press conference in the morning, he stressed that "the government has a very important understanding of the importance of exchange rate stability". As a result, the yen appreciation is less than 1 yen on this day, but the exchange rate trend seems to be more sensitive.
Reported that the Japanese economy since Abe came to power second times since December 2012, to maintain the recovery trend. Coupled with the depreciation of the yen, business performance has been pushed up, and the share price has also rebounded sharply in this process, so the cabinet support rate has remained stable.
The report said that in the summer of 2017, overseas investors and so on had sold Japanese stocks because they were not optimistic about the defeat of the Liberal Democratic Party and the support rate of the cabinet in Tokyo's parliamentary elections. But in the middle of September, it began to buy, and then the support rate also rose.
According to the report, the improvement of Japanese economy has also led to an increase in employment. In his January policy address, Andouble stressed that nearly 90% of the college students who want to work in 2018 have been selected for employment and can welcome the new year well. This is the setting rate of the new high.
According to the Japan economic news agency's public opinion survey in January, the cabinet support rate was 55%. According to age, the support rate of the 18~29 year old people to the Andouble cabinet reached 62%, the highest proportion, which shows that the younger class has pushed up the overall support rate. Some analysts believe that the improvement of the inaugural situation is also having a positive impact.
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