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rice production line

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Note: NameArtificial rice production lineMixerScrew hoisterSingle screw extruderPredrying distributorAir conveyor5-layer ovenD

Artificial rice production line
Mixer—Screw hoister—Single screw extruder—Predrying distributor—Air conveyor—5-layer oven—Double drum polishing machine
 Artificial rice production line Introduction

Human access to food is one of the major sources of nutrition, but the general content of nutrient elements in grains are in varies. As a result of a large number of proteins and trace elements losses during processing, so that greatly reduce nutrients, artificial rice (food Simulation) technology is crowded pressure principle of renewable use in the food breakthrough. The most important feature of technology is necessary for the body to add a variety of nutrients to foods to produce a variety of health food products, food and functional food effects. Products for human consumption easy digestion and absorption, deep by consumers.
Technical parameters
Input Voltage
Installed Power
Power Consumption
Production capacity
Delivery Time

30-35 days.

Tianjin Port.
 Artificial rice production line Specifications :
Artificial rice production line
 complete automatically
food safe grade
all stainless steel
Artificial rice process line
 Artificial rice production line Introduction
1.. The shapes produced can be various, for instance, round type, round bar, square type, semi-circle type, triangular type and blossom type;
2. Mechanical soft pressure will not damage nut particles with more elegant molding. Direct mould pressing and molding can be free from rework, which saves materials cost and wastes;
3. The whole machine is in mechanical transmission instead of pneumatic pump; positioning is precise, the upper and low mould coordinates each other tightly and the molding effect is excellent;
4. Converter with high performance is equipped, which makes speed regulating more convenient, efficiency high and performance stable; 24-h successive production in high speed is accessible;
5. All the moulds and hoppers have been conducted with anti-stick disposal;
6. All the links contacting the goods are the nonpoisonous and harmless materials which are oil and high temperature resistance;
7. The length of the cooling conveying links can be changed or cooling fan can be equipped based as required, so as to enhance the cooling effect.
This  Artificial rice process line used rice as the main raw material, and some other vitamin and mineral material can be chosen as the products required. The material is extruded into rice shape by the double-screw extruder, and dried to needed moisture content. The extruding technique makes it possible to strengthen the micronutrient in the rice and solidify it.
The Artificial rice process line Flow chart:
Nutrition rice/ Artificial rice process line
food extruder
snack machine
  1. mixer
  2. screw conveyor
  3. double-screw extruder
  4. vibrant cooler
  5. air conveyor
  6. multi-layer oven
 Artificial rice production line Pre-sale services:    
1> Provide the free consultation of the equipment 
2> Provide the standard device and the flow chart
3> According to the clients’ special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design helping 
     to select the equipment.
4> Welcome to visit our factory or the domestic clients’ factory.
 Artificial rice production line Services during the sales:
1> Help client design the factory and offering professional advice, free engineering drawing for the 
     factory layout.
2> Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.
3> Oversea install and debug the equipment.
4> Train the first-line operator.
5> Provide the basic formula
 Artificial rice production line After sale services: 
1> 24 hours online service
2> Engineers available to service machinery overseas
3> Provide technical exchanging


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