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Policy based agricultural machinery insurance for the first time in China

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2018-06-12  Browse number:26
Note: Recently, Ningxia Zhong Wei city adopted the government guidance, financial subsidies, agricultural machinery and insura
 Recently, Ningxia Zhong Wei city adopted the "government guidance, financial subsidies, agricultural machinery and insurance companies co operation", the first implementation of the policy of agricultural machinery insurance. The cost of insurance is subsidized by city and county (District) 70%, and the insured only needs 30%. According to the insurance coverage, the compensation amount ranges from 50 thousand yuan to 450 thousand yuan.
According to the staff of the insurance company, the agricultural machinery comprehensive insurance is composed of the agricultural machinery loss insurance, the third party liability insurance and the operator liability insurance, which will bring the casualties and the agricultural machinery loss in the process of agricultural machinery into the insurance range. Whether it is a road traffic accident or a farm machinery accident, whether it is driving or other operations, whether it is one or more people, as long as the agricultural machinery suffered from natural disasters or accidents caused by the loss, all within the insurance scope.
It is understood that the agricultural machinery, such as micro tillage machines, tractors, combine harvesters, self - walking plant protection machines, all - day grain feed mixer, and other agricultural machinery in the city, agricultural machinery farmers and units engaged in agricultural production and management can be insured. On the amount of compensation, the maximum loss of the operator and the third party was 200 thousand yuan, the highest loss of agricultural machinery was 50 thousand yuan, and the total insurance amount amounted to 450 thousand yuan.
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