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Bowl Cutter

Area: China
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Updated on: 2018-06-15 22:40
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The cutting machine utilized the cutter rotating with high speed  to cut the meat , vegetable, fragrant mushroom, agarics, shallot and ginger etc into the grains with different sizes. The cutting machine produced by our company has the most suitable combination of the cutting speed ,pot speed and the distance between the cutter and rotating pot , all these make the cut grains more equal ,The back cover of the rotating pot has the rubber bar to prevent the leak , so the material won’t leak our during the period of cutting and washing .The axis of cutter has two seals to keep the nice lubrication of the rotation place and keep the transmission stable .The seal parts are easy to replace .The distance of the cutter’s point and cutting pot is less than 2mm .
1,This Bowl Cutter is manufactured with the material of the Stainless steel ,the structure is tense , and it is good-looking and easy to wash .
2,The main parts adopt the processing center to manufacture so as to guarantee the precision of the processing
3,Water prevention and human-oriented design, while the operation is simple ,the control board can reach IP5 security
4,The edge of the cutter is sharp and bearing to use , stable when operating with high speed , the material is cut and the emulsification
Effect is nice
5,It adopts the imported axletree , while the motor meets the European standard with strong ability of overload resistance 。
Bowl Cutter Main Technical Parameters:
Model Volume(L Power
Knife speed
Bowl speed
Voltage (V) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
ZB-20 20 4.4 1450/2880 10/23 380V/50HZ 241 900*700*800
ZB-40 40 4.75 1450/2890 12/24 380V/50HZ 262 1020*840*1130
ZB-80 80 12 100020004000 1016 380V/50HZ 1000 1800*1100*1200
ZB-125 125 32 200-4200 810 380V/50HZ 2500 2000*1300*1300
ZB-200 200 64 300-4000 0-19 380V/50HZ 4500 3000*2400*1320
ZB-330 330 100 300-3600 0-12 380V/50HZ 5000 3280*2600*1900
ZB-420 420 120 300-3600 0-9 380V/50HZ 5800 3900*3000*1500

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